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      英語900句 最新內容


      推薦2006-08-01 19:06:40

      (2006-01-05 01:49:27)WTO英語900句(1) (2006-01-05 01:49:20)WTO英語900句(2) (2006-01-05 01:49:13)WTO英語900句(3) (2006-01-05 01:49:09)WTO英語900句(4) ...


      2006-01-05 01:49:27

      There’s a system’s failure.  機器系統出毛病了。  There’s a breakdown.  出毛病了。  I’m phonin...


      2006-01-05 01:49:20

      Well, I’ve certainly had an excellent time here. And you have been kind. 哦,我在這兒過得非常愉快。你們真是太好了。 It’...


      2006-01-05 01:49:13

      What about W.P.A.?水漬險呢? W.P.A. has a broader coverage. It covers everything in F.P.A. plus partial loss caused by n


      2006-01-05 01:49:09

      Of course. We will have the Sales Contract made out in two days. 當然了。兩天后銷售合同就準備好。 Please remember to use

      新英語900句 1

      2006-01-05 01:48:56

      Greetings 問候語1. Hello. 你好!2. Good morning. 早上好。3. I am Kate Green. 我是凱特·格林。4. Are you Tom Brown? 你是湯...

      新英語900句 2

      2006-01-05 01:48:45

      Talking about objects 談論事物 106. Do you have a bike? 你有一輛自行車嗎?107. Yes, I do. 是的,我有。108. You have a c

      新英語900句 3

      2006-01-05 01:48:37

      Asking about age 詢問年齡 196. How old are you? 你幾歲了?197. I am twenty-three years old. 我二十三歲。198. My sister

      新英語900句 4

      2006-01-05 01:48:33

      Describing objects 形容物品 301. What color is your skirt? 你的裙子是什么顏色的?302. My skirt is light blue. 我的裙子是...

      新英語900句 5

      2006-01-05 01:48:26

      Talking about the weather 談論天氣391. What's the weather like today? 今天天氣怎么樣?392. It is a nice day, isn't it? 今

      新英語900句 6

      2006-01-05 01:48:23

      Going shopping 購物 496. What can I do for you, sir? 先生,您需要什么?497. I want a pair of shoes for my son. 我要為我

      新英語900句 7

      2006-01-05 01:48:16

      Telling about past experiences 敘談體驗601. We went for a drive with Lucy and John on Sunday. 星期天我們和露西、約翰一起

      新英語900句 8

      2006-01-05 01:48:06

      Giving advice and opinions 勸說并提出意見706. It's only a suggestion. It is something you should figure out yourself. 這

      新英語900句 9

      2006-01-05 01:48:03

      Farms and factories 農場與工廠 811. In this flat country people grow rice and raise cattle. 在這土地平坦的鄉間,人們種植...

      英語900句(經典版) 1

      2006-01-05 01:47:59

      一、 Greetings 問候語1. Hello! / Hi! 你好!2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好!3. I'm Kathy King

      英語900句(經典版) 2

      2006-01-05 01:47:39

      一、About Visits 關于拜訪151. Hello. Can I see Mr. Green? 你好,我能見格林先生嗎?152. Do you have an appointment? 你有預...

      英語900句(經典版) 3

      2006-01-05 01:47:36

      一、 Measuring And Comparing 形容物品、度量、比較301. What's the height of the building? 這座樓有多高?302. How much doe

      英語900句(經典版) 4

      2006-01-05 01:47:30

      一、Making Plans 訂計劃451. What do you plan to do this Friday? 明天你打算干什么?452. What are you doing next week? 下周

      英語900句(經典版) 5

      2006-01-05 01:47:24

      一、 Talking About Feelings 敘述感受601. You look radiant tonight. 你今晚真是光彩照人。602. It was a terrible experience

      英語900句(經典版) 6

      2006-01-05 01:47:20

      一、 Countries And Nationalities 國家和國籍751. Where are you from? 你來自哪兒?752. What's your nationality? 你是什么國