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      閱讀 最新內容

      中國傳統文化 Chinese Traditional Culture

      中國傳統文化 Chinese Traditional Culture

      圖文2018-05-22 21:20:17

      China has the history of more than 5,000 years and we are so proud of the profound culture. Every year, we are so looking forward to spendin...

      關于親情 About Kinship

      關于親情 About Kinship

      圖文2018-05-22 21:20:13

      I was born in an ordinary family, but I never feel lacking anything in my life. I receive love from my family. When I meet troubles, they su...

      潑水節 Water-splashing Festival

      潑水節 Water-splashing Festival

      圖文2018-04-25 21:20:13

      Water-splashing Festival is one of the most important festivals in the world, which is popular among Dai people of China and the southeast A...

      成長的故事 The Story of Growing Up

      成長的故事 The Story of Growing Up

      圖文2018-04-23 20:30:16

      When a couple gets married, it is natural for them to receive wishes from relatives and friends. Recently, a young couple showed the message...

      霍金給孩子的建議 The Suggestions From Hawking

      霍金給孩子的建議 The Suggestions From Hawking

      圖文2018-04-16 20:30:19

      Stephen Hawking is one of the great scientists in the history, whose brilliant idea about universe opens the door for people to get to know ...

      我的媽媽 My Mother

      我的媽媽 My Mother

      圖文2018-04-16 20:30:16

      If people ask me what kind of job is the greatest work in the world, I will tell them housewife job.

      成長的環境 The Environment of Growing Up

      2018-04-14 11:20:05

      Children&rsquo;s education has been concerned by the public all the time. As they are the future and will decide a country&rsquo;s destiny, ...

      撒謊 Telling Lies

      2018-04-11 11:20:05

      People say life is full of lies. Some people tell lies to make themselves feel better, while some do this to cover their criminal acts.

      父母的愛 Love From Parents

      2018-04-10 10:30:06

      There is no doubt that parents love us the most in the world, they give us lives and nurse us to be an independent people. No matter what di...

      我的家鄉 My Hometown

      2018-04-04 16:20:07

      Hometown is the place where a person belongs. Chinese people have special feelings about their hometown.

      關于愛 About Love

      2018-04-02 16:20:03

      Love is everywhere. We have love from our parents and friends, which makes us become stronger. Without love, we can&rsquo;t survive long, or...

      大象的馴化 The Train of Elephant

      2018-03-27 23:00:11

      For centuries, elephant has been an indispensable part of Asian culture. Especially in Thailand, elephant once was treated as the sacred sym...

      粉絲營銷 Fans Marketing

      2018-03-27 23:00:08

      With the development of Internet, the young generation rely on the Internet so much. They make friends and communicate with each other by th...

      網絡上的正負能量 The Positive and Negative Information on the Internet

      網絡上的正負能量 The Positive and Negative Information on the Internet

      圖文2018-03-27 22:10:22

      We all know that rumor goes very fast from person to person. With the development of Internet, the information spreads faster than ever.

      紅土之王收獲中網冠軍 The king of clay Claimed China Open

      2018-03-27 22:10:19

      Tennis is very popular around the world, which ranks only behind football and basketball. With the achievement that Chinese tennis players h...

      中國特色吸引老外 Chinese Features Attract Foreigners

      中國特色吸引老外 Chinese Features Attract Foreigners

      圖文2018-03-27 22:10:18

      Disney company is famous around the world. Every year it produces many cartoons and are favored by the children. Many years ago, the Chinese...

      中國的傳統節日 Chinese Traditional Festivals

      2018-03-27 22:10:15

      When the traditional festival comes, everybody is excited about it, because they will have holiday to relax. The meaning of these festivals ...

      對選秀節目的看法 Different Views on Talent Shows

      2018-03-27 22:10:15

      Many years ago, when I was in middle school, a show called Supergirl was so hot that almost everyone was talking about it. Many girls became...

      讓世界聽到我們的聲音 Let the World Hear Our Voice

      2018-03-27 22:10:10

      In China, if you ask a foreigner how he thinks about Chinese people, he will surely speak highly of Chinese people. In his eyes, people ther...

      知識的儲備 The Store of Knowledge

      知識的儲備 The Store of Knowledge

      圖文2018-03-27 22:10:09

      Everybody needs to learn knowledge since they are very small. During the process, they are asked to master the skills, so as to adjust to th...