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      常速英語 最新內容

      High-tech scanners make heart attack easy to predict

      2006-08-01 10:38:19

      Many people who have heart disease don't know it. They show no signs or symptoms. However, over time, the buildup of fat and other body ch...

      Michael Bolton: Soul to swing

      2006-07-27 09:15:34

      Michael Bolton is one of the music industry's most successful singer/songwriters. His newest release is an album of Frank Sinatra's old f...

      Google profits soar in 2nd quarter

      2006-07-26 09:04:49

      Google Inc., the U.S.-based web search firm, announced last week its profits have more than doubled in the most recent quarter. The company...

      Former US congressional leaders urge reform

      2006-07-25 11:04:08

      Much has been made over President Bush's low public approval ratings for most of the past year. But opinion polls indicate that the Americ...

      Lebanese facing hardships fleeing embattled south

      2006-07-24 10:51:40

      Israeli air strikes have intensified in southern Lebanon, tearing apart villages near the border. The Shiite militant group Hezbollah has c...

      The more motion, the longer the life

      2006-07-21 09:15:09

      Populations in western counties are aging. But this trend is also emerging in developing countries such as China. Keeping people healthy as...

      Congress debates minimum wage hike

      2006-07-20 16:14:10

      U.S. law has guaranteed most workers a minimum wage since the 1930s. The last increase in the wage was in 1997. Now Democrats in the U.S. C...

      Space shuttle Discovery lands safely in Florida

      2006-07-19 16:13:16

      The U.S. space shuttle Discovery has landed in Florida, ending a resupply and maintenance mission to the International Space Station. Its s...

      G8 summit adopts sweeping action Plan

      2006-07-18 16:12:23

      Group of Eight leaders have adopted a wide-ranging plan of action to address world problems; including concern over Iran and North Korea's...

      Lebanese seek shelter wherever they can find it

      2006-07-17 16:10:29

      The Israeli military has been bombing southern Lebanon since two Israeli soldiers were captured by the Lebanese-based militant group Hezbol...

      US Senate examines economics of immigration

      2006-07-13 16:35:08

      The Bush administration - pressing Congress to complete immigration reform legislation, is highlighting the contributions immigrants make t...

      Shuttle astronauts take 2nd spacewalk

      2006-07-11 16:34:11

      U.S. space shuttle astronauts took their second spacewalk in three days Monday, acting as orbiting mechanics at the International Space Sta...

      Russian officials say Chechen warlord Basayev is dead

      2006-07-10 16:33:08

      Russia's federal security service chief says Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev has been killed in the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia...

      Egyptian journalists protest proposed Press Law

      2006-07-10 16:32:08

      Not a single opposition or independent newspaper was for sale Sunday in Cairo because of a strike over a controversial proposed press law. ...

      Why don't more Americans watch soccer?

      2006-07-07 10:43:27

      Soccer might be the most popular sport in the world, but for decades, Americans have managed to resist its charm. Their attention has been ...

      Germany ousted from the World Cup final

      2006-07-06 10:42:23

      Italy's football team scored a dramatic 2-0 victory in extra time over host Germany to advance to the World Cup championship match. German...

      Americans ponder the meaning of Independence

      2006-07-05 10:40:42

      July fourth is Independence Day in the United States, a day when Americans commemorate the signing, in 1776, of the Declaration of Independ...

      Researchers:What may be oldest known jewelry

      2006-07-04 10:33:53

      Archeologists have identified what might be the world's oldest known jewelry. It consists of 100,000-year-old shells from the Middle East...

      White House waiting for 'formal' response from Iran

      2006-07-03 10:25:15

      The White House says it is still waiting for a definitive response from Iran to a package of incentives designed to convince Tehran to susp...